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How to Make Every Single Day a Spa Day

by Darlene Fiske

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A trip to the spa is the ultimate indulgence. Add these tools and products to your beauty arsenal to recreate the experience at home.

Every single day, I long for someone to whisk me away in a jet and take me to a spa for the day. I would relax in a feather-soft robe, sip herbal tea, and anticipate the sweet, sweet sound of someone saying, "Darlene." On cue, I would rise from my lounge chair and my therapist would escort me down the hall to my treatment room, with nary a care in the world. Oh, if every day could be a spa day. Well friends — we're going to certainly try. Because we all deserve a little TLC and these tried and true friends should be part of everyone's personal spa toolkit.

Sanitas Eye Treatment

Photo courtesy of Sanitas.

A drop or two of this eye cream is so rich and hydrating, it literally feels like it is filling in the wrinkles on your skin. I put it on at night or before a bath and let it soak in. The skin around the eyes will look dewy and quenched. I warn you, this is highly addictive. Use at your own risk. ($74)

B&O Play BeoPlay Bluetooth Speaker

Photo courtesy of B&O.

On a recent trip to in California, a card reader told me that music is my meditation. Music alters my mood. I can't live without it. And I always have it playing. This little pod can tag along with you around the house and also fits nicely in a purse for impromptu dance parties with friends. ($250)

Optp Lorox Foam Roller

Photo courtesy OPTP.

My first jaunt on a foam roller reminded me of a super deep massage. Painful but oh so good. It's part workout, part therapy. ($50)

Hampton Sun Serious Shimmer Cooling Spray

Photo courtesy of Hampton Sun.

Want to look like you just returned from a week on the isle of Capri? Forget the body scrubs and spritz yourself with this soothing and hydrating shimmer spray made from natural ingredients. It's especially good for shoulders. ($32)

Aromatherapy Associates Star Jewels Set

Photo courtesy of Aromatherapy Associates.

For a girl who grew up on Calgon beauty products, I'm a sucker for a good soak. These luscious oils from the United Kingdom have a variety of uses, but I love a few drops in my bath. They are rich, strong, and put me at ease the moment the scent comes anywhere close to my nose. Rumor has it that these were once given to Princess Diana as a gift. ($48)

Clarins Hand and Nail Treatment Cream

Photo courtesy of Clarins.

You won't need to moisturize after your bath because you'll be super soft from the oils (see above). However, one thing you cannot neglect are your hands. I have told a handful of friends about this miraculous product and they are official addicts. The product claims that it "softens hands, targets age spots, strengthens nails." All truths. ($22)

Kashwere Damask Throw

Photo courtesy of Kashwere.

Kashwere. Yes, you read that right. Let me tell you — it's better than cashmere. Discovered at a spa conference and forever one of my BFFs. This blanket cannot be destroyed and is so soft on skin that I have to fight my son and husband for it when we all watch movies on the sofa. Snag yours for a spa day cuddle with a favorite book. Did I mentiont that they are machine washable?! My heart melts. ($199)


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