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LARTE Photo courtesy of LARTE Dubai.

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Photo courtesy of The New York Times.

After a jam-packed, two-week tour of Southeast Asia, I'm craving a quiet weekend at home — now, if only my Brooklyn apartment looked like this exquisite Italian estate outside Florence. - Berit, Tabootoystore senior editor

Photos courtesy of LARTE Dubai.

We've said it once. We'll say it again. . The latest example is LARTE Dubai, an all-day trattoria in the city's Design District. Bishop Design LLC worked on this offshoot of LARTE Milan, blending Italian design, cuisine, and artistry to make a space that's as eye-catching as the Dubai itself. – Daniel, Tabootoystore editor

Photo courtesy of Piccolina

While on a 30+ hour journey back from Australia this weekend, my thoughts kept returning to ... gelato. The country has a long history of Italian immigration — the first coming over with Captain James Cook — and there are real-deal Italian joints everywhere. The gelato shops are particularly impressive. At Compá (381 Brunswick St.), a beautiful Italian woman in a head wrap sculpted orange-flecked cream gelato into crisp cannoli shells and heaped chocolate into fresh brioche. At the beautifully rustic , pistachio, coffee, and hazelnut flavors are worked up onto a spatula (rather than scooped) and built in layers on a cone like a work of art. — Jeralyn, editorial director

Photo by Vasantha Yogananthan.

Tiny Atlas is going to India in April 10-20 with , a culture agency that curates journeys with a focus on photography, social media, and deep cultural experiences. (Email [email protected] for more information. There are still a few spots left.) Ahead of our trip, we've been researching Tamil Nadu, the region to which we're headed, which led us to the fascinating project A Myth of Two Souls, a photographic retelling of The Ramayana, an epic tale first recorded by the Sanskrit poet Valmiki around 300 BC. The Instagram account features behind-the-scenes shots from the project and excerpts from the first three photographic chapters by . The images in the project are analog, shot on 4x5 and medium format film. – Emily,

Photo courtesy of Archivio Madre.

Over the years, I've cultivated a lengthy list of travel websites on the bookmark tab of my Safari browser. New-to-me travel website Archivio Madre one-ups me with an expertly curated collection of travel resources — painstakingly organized by medium in alphabetical order. If you bookmark one travel website other than Tabootoystore, this should be it. - Berit

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The aptly named Bosco Verticale (or vertical forest) was designed by Italian starchitect Stefano Boeri and has become a model for vertical reforestation and sustainable urban expansion in Milan and further afield. There's a garden and some benches beneath these buildings, making it the perfect date spot in Isola, one of new Milan's coolest neighborhoods.- Marco,

Photo courtesy of Lost With Purpose.

Minds immediately spring to war and destruction when it comes to Afghanistan, but Bamiyan province between the Hindu Kush and Koh-i-Baba mountains is a different story. Now home to the peaceful Hazara minority group, the scenic 2,500 meter-high valley once housed more than two thousand Buddhist monks in caves lining the cliffs around Bamiyan town. Whether visitors come to poke around in the monastic ruins, explore crumbling 12th-century fortresses in the surrounding mountains, or simply enjoy a relatively safe side of Afghanistan, the beauty of Bamiyan is sure to leave a lasting impression on any traveler’s mind. – Alex,

Photo courtesy of Villa Tereze.

At Villa Tereze in Le Marche, each story leads to another. Tereze is the name of the property owner who came to Italy from Colorado to buy a farm in Tuscany only to purchase a Marche farmhouse set in a rougher and more authentic land. Then, the fate of the villa became tangled with Renate’s, the property's manager and creative director, who moved to San Lorenzo in Campo from Latvia for love. The villa that housed for centuries the rituals of a modest rural life today displays the values of a cosmopolitan dwelling where Colorado, Northern Europe, and the Italian countryside reside together. The main building is a holiday house, and the annex is an artist retreat where chefs, musicians, and designers are invited to pursue an idea, trend, or dream. – Paola,

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