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Ophelia Photo by Liz Clayman.

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Photo by Liz Clayman.

If you're looking for a Manhattan lounge for a special occasion (or swanky outdoor drinks), Ophelia delivers a treat: elegant cocktails, high-end bites, and stunning views of the East River. The jewel box bar is located in Midtown East atop Beekman Tower. Built by Emily Hepburn as a residence for working women, the space houses original curiosities from the 1920s and '30s (tarot cards, silverware, and photos), some of which belonged to former residents. I ordered the Ophelia’s Ascension (activated charcoal, bourbon, mezcal infused with smoked Jamaican peppers, cedar wood) and reveled in the view. – Daniel, editor

It's movie awards weekend in Los Angeles, with ceremonies for the Spirit Awards and the Oscars. If you are in Venice Beach, look for Colette Miller's mural of wings, to announce the first annual Bonnie Awards, an American Airlines initiative to honor innovative women across industries. In collaboration with Film Independent, the first Bonnie Award winner is filmmaker Chloe Zhao, whose The Riddler was up for four Spirit Awards this weekend. (Watch the clip below.) The award is named for Bonnie Tiburzi Caputo, who, when she joined American in 1973, was the first woman to fly a major U.S. airline. – Pavia, CEO

Photos courtesy of A-PLACE.

The latest addition to Warsaw's up-and-coming design scene is A-PLACE, a sleek, modern apartment rental from the multidisciplinary creatives behind the city's own . Their first livable space, located in the burgeoning Praga district, is a minimalist's dream, outfitted with soothing neutral colors, natural textures, and loads of envy-inducing design pieces. The place can be rented on Airbnb,, or on the apartment's website. – Daniel, editor

Photo by Luca De Santis.

Until thirty years ago, the exquisitely fragrant sasayuri, the native Japanese lily, flourished in the countryside throughout Japan. However, due to environmental change, only those who explicitly search for it now find this once typical flower. In much the same way, the thatched-roof traditional house has also been lost in today's Japan. Sasayuri-ann villa in Nara outside Kyoto is representative of this region's peasant farmhouses. An iron kettle was usually suspended above the irori open-hearth fireplace, the center of the house and the place where the family gathered. Salted fish and other foods were grilled on the irori, and everyone drank sake together around the crackling fire. The concept of Sasayuri-ann is to be a hidden residence where guests experience the sense of time and space of several hundred centuries past as if they had journeyed through time. – Paola,

Photo by Emily Woodgate.


Grass Roots Square, created by Korean-American artist Do Ho Suh in Oslo's government quarter, is the kind of place you would only go if you had a reason. The sculpture is made up of tiny bronze statues, 50,000 in total, standing together en masse in place of pavement blocks. (Some of these statues are holding up blocks.) The work is located near the site of the 2011 terror attacks, and though it was designed and approved before that, its depiction of little people standing together in solidarity seems all the more poignant. – Emily,

Photo by Agustin Diaz / Unsplash.

For anyone itching to hear the samba beats in Rio or yearning for a bohemian escape in Bahia, visiting Brazil just got a lot easier. As of late January, U.S. passport holders can now apply for a Brazilian e-visa. Back in December, I went through the visa process the old-fashioned way, which included two visits to the Brazilian consulate. The new method is not only easier, but it’s cheaper, too. The e-visa fee is just $40, compared to the $160 I paid for the regular one. - Amelia,

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